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The gun is designed to create a beam of electrons exiting from the assembly at some given angle, known as the gun divergence semi-angle, α. Centrifuge at 1000 rpm for 1 min throw the acetone and collect the cell pellet. Unlike inert gas ion sputtering, FIB makes use of significantly more energetic gallium ions and may alter the composition or structure of the material through gallium implantation.[58]. Contrast can arise from position-to-position differences in the thickness or density ("mass-thickness contrast"), atomic number ("Z contrast," referring to the common abbreviation Z for atomic number), crystal structure or orientation ("crystallographic contrast" or "diffraction contrast"), the slight quantum-mechanical phase shifts that individual atoms produce in electrons that pass through them ("phase contrast"), the energy lost by electrons on passing through the sample ("spectrum imaging") and more. Petriplates The field produced for the lens must be radially symmetrical, as deviation from the radial symmetry of the magnetic lens causes aberrations such as astigmatism, and worsens spherical and chromatic aberration. Grains from which electrons are scattered into these diffraction spots appear brighter. As a result, heavier regions appear darker in BF images (have low intensity). This is used to perform a finishing polish of specimens polished by other means. 2.5% glutaraldehyde. Mechanical polishing is also used to prepare samples for imaging on the TEM. Apertures are annular metallic plates, through which electrons that are further than a fixed distance from the optic axis may be excluded. Centrifuge,