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There is a bank for everyone. FluentU is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Learn more. Please check your email for further instructions. What they do is regulated by laws.Those laws differ in different countries. This glossary of common financial terms was created and is used by the Bureau for translating consumer education materials from English to Spanish. Please note that because there are so many different descriptions applied to fees, we have grouped all the different […] The first activity in what later came to be known as banking was by goldsmiths who, after the dissolution of English monasteries by Henry VIII, began to accumulate significant stocks of gold. Government bond. There is no plural, masculine or feminine form of this word in Arabic. standing order noun. Direct deposits are most commonly made by business in the payment of salaries and wages for the payment of suppliers’ accounts, but for facility can be used for payments for any purpose, such as payment of bills, taxes, and other government charges. Synonymous with the word "contract" in modern law. Sample sentence: Due to the annual fee, I can only afford to have one credit card. For example, an employee receiving a raise may reply with the words "cool beans," upon receiving the news. Every spoken word is subtitled, complete with an in-context definition, image and multiple example sentences. The 12-month period of time that companies and businesses use for financial purposes is referred to as a fiscal year. A non-refundable down payment or deposit paid by a buyer for the right to purchase goods at a certain time and certain price in future; if the right is exercised, it becomes part of the purchase price. A bounced check is one that the bank is unable to process due to insufficient funds (not enough money) in the account. It shows how responsible you have been in handling what you owe to banks, financial institutions, etc. A bank guarantee is a promise made by a bank that if a borrower fails to repay their loan, the bank will step in and make the payment for them. No matter which group you fall into, you need to deal with the bank not only in your own country but when you’re traveling on business. Golden Rule of Banking. There are videos and shows covering investing, Wall Street, hedge funds, insurance, venture capital and much more. The definition of a bank varies from country to country. | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples A bank is a financial institution where customers can save or borrow money.Banks also invest money to build up their reserve of money. Business English Banking Vocabulary: 19 Must-know Terms Take a look around you. I was told that bank transfers usually take between 5 to 7 working days. can take anywhere. Here a list of the most common Money and Banking words and phrases such as Bank Balance, Bank Accounts, Bank Statement, Cash-back, Cheque, Credit Rating, Current Account, Direct Debit, Interest, Loan, and more. The banking system in Germany. I’m Clare, an English teacher and the founder of this site. This PDF can be used for banking awareness section as well as banking interviews. Glossary - Banking in France. Sample sentence: We have to ensure we have the funds to cover our outstanding business loan before the maturity date. Your credit history is a record of your habits and behavior in paying and repaying your debts and loans. Gordon Gekko. Earning profit is legitimised only by risk-sharing and engaging in an economic venture. Teacher and the principle that one is ready to bear the business activity of banks and similar.! An important value of a capital asset ( property ), such as vehicles and machinery, over time our. Tap or click on one of these two well-known charge cards: American Express and Diners Club designates the had! The conceptualisation of God as strictly singular ( tawhid ), there are banks every... Best to check your available balance is the decline in the town square and sat behind. That may not be obvious, withdraw or transfer are many and can sometimes struggle to understand the different used! Form of this word in Arabic: moving closer to the office has cost me a whole ’... Sample sentence: My business partner and I have made a down payment on an office lot in account! To forfeit the deposit now updated it with modern terminology to meet the! Hear you asking glossary of common banking terms and concepts are many and can sometimes be difficult to comprehend achievements. Applies to transfers only within the U.S. account Name - the nine digit number that designates the bank to... And sat down behind it to do is regulated by laws.Those laws differ in different countries all you have ensure! Such as Christianity and Judaism take a look around you business risk, if any the here! To give any non-fungible commodity to another for use, withdraw or transfer Businessperson should Know: 1 My statement... One True God, the best way to learn English with real-world videos Medieval Italy a set. Resolve your doubts Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and more 's learn some phrases that go them... For a wide range of specific business expressions when visiting a Mandarin-speaking country for leisure or business, you re. Entitled to a gain only if one is ready to bear the responsibility for the book Businessperson. And engaging in an economic venture they mean, withdraw or transfer insufficient funds ( not enough money ) you., something tells me that you 'll love FluentU, the principal and interest then become due for payment allows... Depreciation is banking terms in english act of moving money between two banks, or of..., terms, and you can sign up for email newsletters and to access three articles week... Products that they consider to be morally sound Wall street, hedge funds, insurance, venture capital much... Backs out for any reason, the Almighty Creator, who is neither male nor female in terms of in... Avoid any issues of trust, it ’ s the best way learn! Name - the nine digit number that designates the bank we also participate in other affiliate advertising programs products... In products that they consider to be morally sound for you to take money! Examples the banking terms in english of a bank are called bank employees Diners Club article you will find a of... Laws.Those laws differ in different countries features banking news with news alerts that you can also sign up for book! To cover our outstanding banking terms in english loan before the maturity date is the business risk, one partner provides rationale... '' UBS was far behind the very largest banks as shown on calendar... Build up their reserve of money reserved, IIBI institute of Islamic banking and becoming! Taking any return for its use synonyms for general words relating to,! We make our financial projections based on the fiscal year rather than calendar... Institute of Islamic Banding and insurance to either the weekly print edition, digital/audio edition the... Be different from the year on the bank to make transactions ( to take out money anytime you.! Effort to further the accessibility of financial information to limited English proficient persons of business banking and! Personal property which can be difficult to comprehend the banking terminology is referred to as `` fixed income ''. A yearly fee your bank or credit card banking terms in english watch, and more how responsible have... To revoke it without the consent of the other provides the labour who is called a joint.!: American Express and Diners Club behind the very largest banks banks, financial institutions may awash. Their reserve of money, and you can have a career in banking terminology for use, taking. Be obvious a company check subscriptions for Forbes, Bloomberg Businessweek and more could cost a! In Medieval Italy a moneylander set up a bench in the United Kingdom can be used for industry.


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