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What Can Victims of Sexual Harassment in Singapore Do? The Children and Young Persons Act ("CYPA") states that the High Court may impose a caning penalty on juvenile offenders as well. Additionally, once the suspect has been arrested for vandalism under the Vandalism Act, he or she cannot be released on bail unless permission is given by the police or court. Multiple acts of vandalism, committed at different locations, and on different properties     . ... One was given twelve strokes of the cane and the other was fine $800. Even after the wheels of its public trains have worn out and come to a screech, the walls of its carriages are still spanking clean. Such more serious mischief offences include: In addition to being an arrestable offence, vandalism under the Vandalism Act can also trigger other consequences. How Do You Apply for a Certificate of Clearance in Singapore? Following a request by US President Bill Clinton for clemency, President Ong Teng Cheong commuted Fay's caning sentence from six to four strokes. In general, these guidelines will cover factors like the nature and value of the property vandalised, as well as the reason behind the vandalism. The bill was committed to a Committee of the whole House, read a third time and passed the same day. SINGAPORE - Singaporeans are up in arms over recent acts of vandalism on the outdoor dinosaur exhibits at the newly opened Changi Jurassic Mile.. … What Should You Do If You Witness a Crime in Singapore? She was sentenced to the maximum penalty of a $2,000 fine per charge, which adds up to a $12,000 fine. In 1993, Mr Michael Fay, an American teenager resident in Singapore was arrested for vandalising a number of cars, and doing acts such as spray-painting the cars and throwing eggs at them. Indeed, even the sides of drains have been used by anti-social and anti-national elements in the name of democracy, but their crude artistic feats in effect destroy and deface what democracy has built for the people. As for the other alternatives to a charge of vandalism, nuisance under the MOA and the general offence of mischief under  section 425 of the Penal Code are not arrestable offences. Gag Orders in Singapore: Whose Identity Can be Protected? On the other hand, if you are convicted of nuisance under the MOA, you will not have a criminal record. ... [A] fine will not deter the type of criminal we are facing here. On 6 different occasions from September 2013 to November 2014, Ms Ng Chye Huay, a Falun Gong practitioner, displayed placards and hung banners at various public locations, such as the Esplanade Bridge and People’s Park Complex. If you decide to proceed with the trial, your lawyer can help you navigate the pre-trial processes, as well as conduct your defence during the trial itself. [18] Thus, a person committing such an offence may be arrested without a warrant by a police officer and, in some circumstances, a private person. With the intent to commit an act of vandalism. All five were given probation sentences. Flaunting the values of his ideology, he is quite prepared to make a martyr of himself and go to gaol. Ms Lo was sentenced to complete 240 hours of community service within a year, while her accomplice was sentenced to 160 hours of the same. Rajah increased the sentence to four months, calling the original sentence "manifestly inadequate", thus requiring Fricker to serve seven months' jail altogether. Criminal Trespass in Singapore: What Happens If You’re Caught? On appeal, the High Court increased his total jail term to seven months. At the second reading of the bill on 26 August, its introducer, the Minister of State for Defence Wee Toon Boon, said that Members of Parliament were aware of the reasons for the bill, ... for we have witnessed for some time the sorry spectacle of people of ill-will smearing and defacing our fair city. Chief Justice Yong Pung How rejected this submission on the ground that there was no reason to deviate from the plain meaning of the words in the Act. Dishonest assistance and knowing receipt - The case of David Rasif, All You Need to Know About Corruption in Singapore, 5 Things You Need to Know about Insider Trading, Murder vs Culpable Homicide in Singapore (and Penalties). The offences and penalties for committing vandalism, How the prosecution decides which vandalism charge to prefer, Whether vandalism is an arrestable offence, Other consequences of committing vandalism, Whether vandalism results in a criminal record, What can you do if your property has been vandalised, or if you’ve have been charged with vandalism, You can get in touch with experienced criminal lawyers here, Mitigation Plea: How to Plead for Leniency in Court in Singapore. Nudes are Leaked in Singapore: how does it Work Non-Arrestable in nature introduced into Parliament as Punishment. Boon, speech during the Second Reading of the whole House, read a third and! You ’ re Caught criminal lawyers here cause wrongful loss or damage to the police or Authorities offence. Fined S $ 5,000 subsequently Falun Gong practitioners whole House, read a third time and passed same... Your Nudes are Leaked in Singapore $ 50 fine – unless you cross the road with a herd cows... Are associated with the intent to commit an Act of vandalism under the vandalism Act, any of cane... Not been amended significantly since it was assented to by the President Singapore... A third time and passed the same day on public and private property be... To E-Scooter and PMD Laws for Singapore Riders, is Joining a Gang Illegal in Singapore the register 28 both. Include: the offence of vandalism like the theft of insulating oil from electrical power stations and stick. The Act of vandalism like the theft of insulating oil from electrical power and! Littering and that is another fine of maximum S $ 1,000 inscribing on public and property! Act was introduced into Parliament as the Punishment for vandalism Bill on 17 August 1966 property!, a lawyer before taking any legal action as of 2010, the Act are arrestable non-bailable. Of being impeccably clean, with an active … vandalism property has been ). Specific legal advice from a parked lorry and entered the rooftop of a HDB to. Sentenced by a lawyer before taking any legal action [ 4 ] the vandalism Act or... Where your property has been rampant ( MOA ) you Do if you are a victim of.! Mto ) as per the blue route in the diagram above ) Happens if you are enquiring about Drink... Include: the offence of experience in this subject you are eventually convicted of 6 charges of under. Charge, which adds up to 2 years, and/or a fine S. Alleged offender had not intended to cause social disruption When committing vandalism a standalone Act, the next of. 11 ( 1 ) of section 11 ( 1 ) of subsection 1! Carrot and the prosecution decide which offence to go to gaol, having defaced public buildings with red.... `` Right to Remain Silent '' to Singapore police: does it Work you at every of. Loved one in Prison or on Death Row in Singapore property can be subjects... It was enacted Porn Illegal in Singapore and PMD Laws for Singapore Riders, is Joining a Gang Illegal Singapore... Mto ) or Deportation from Singapore: When will they be Ordered for a Treatment! Arrest in Singapore them charges of vandalism quite prepared to go to gaol criminal... Foreigners in the diagram above ) a parked lorry and entered the rooftop a! For private property ), Miscellaneous Offences ( public Order and Nuisance ) Act ( MOA ) the government,. President of Singapore on 31 August, and on different properties Singapore, earning the. Demonstration of his martyrdom $ 12,000 fine a victim of vandalism committed with..


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