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Ideal Tank Size for Angelfish. Bristlenose Pleco: Extremely peaceful, beginner friendly, adult size 5 inches, 20 gallon tank, stays at bottom of tank. But it’s always a risk to keep small fish with angelfish. john on December 08, 2019: i have neon tetras and i want angle fish but when they get big they eat then so wat should i do. Here are some good tank mates that have the same care requirements as angelfish, some of them are harder to care for, so make sure to do research on the ones you’re interested in. In most cases, the 30-gallon tank size is recommended for single or a pair of Angelfish. If you want angels you need bigger tank mates to go with them. Along with other angelfish tank mates, the red tail shark is compatible with the angelfish. The list of tank mates below isn’t definitive, but it should provide a good starting point to choosing the right tank mates for angelfish. The ideal tank size for angelfish is at least 20 gallons or larger. Though the ideal tank size for Angelfish can depend on the size of the fish, its growth pattern and how aggressive it is. Some aquarists have reported success keeping angelfish with smaller fish like neons by raising them from young ages together. Keeping a red tail shark in your aquarium will add beauty to your tank as its black color body and red color tail stand out among other fishes.


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