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1. We vegetable gardeners really eat this stuff up: After weeks of patient waiting, our beloved tomato plants have finally taken off and seem to be growing bigger by the day. The number one reason I prune my tomato plants is that it keeps the plants more compact, which allows me to plant them 18 inches apart (in double rows). For some plants, the extra foliage pre-pruning can serve as a protector throughout the winter. Here’s the bottom line: Pruning veggies usually isn’t necessary, but it may be helpful in certain circumstances. 2. Root-pruning a rootbound plant sounds intimidating, but it's an easy procedure if your plant isn't too big, and it may even save the life of your plant. (Excellent!) What’s a gardener to do? If you want your plants to be the best performing or produce this year and do not give flowers, then pruning them in the late winter.It shapes the growth of scattered branches of your houseplant and makes the plant decorative. Prune to control the size of your plant. A plant that grows excessively large will take up more than its designated space in the garden and crowd out other plants. Pruning during the wrong time of year, like late in your plant’s growing season, may encourage new growth of buds that will die over the winter. ). For plants such as cucumbers that you may be training to grow up a trellis, prune to aid their upward climb. Pruning (trimming tree) Prune the plants at the beginning of the growing season. When you should prune your plants depends on which plants you’re growing. I fit a lot of plants in one garden bed, which saves me space for planting vegetables I love even more than tomatoes (hard to believe, I know! Pruning helps train plants that you want to climb a trellis. It takes some nerve to root-prune a potted plant, but it truly is a kindness when a plant has outgrown its pot. Others argue pruning vegetable plants is a waste of time, or worse: It can injure plants, leave fruit exposed to too much sun, and decrease yields.


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