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ANA believes that nurse wellbeing must be safeguarded, and that ill-health should not be an inevitable by-product of dedicated nursing practice. This state changes depending on … The health illness continuum is a graphic illustration of a well being ,concept first … Health illness continuum model: Health always involves a continuum a range of degree from optimal health at one end to death or total disability at the other. HEALTH ILLNESS CONTINUUM 2. HEALTH ILLNESS CONTINUUM 3. Health and wellness are concepts that influence one’s quality of life; they comprise a dynamic state that everyone addresses throughout their lifetime. A healthy nurse lives life to the fullest capacity, across the wellness/illness continuum… Details: Health Illness Continuum and its Significance in Patient Care One of the significant features of the illness-wellness continuum is the fact that not only it focuses on the treatment plan of the person … Health illness continuum 1. The health of an individual moves back and forth along this continuum throughout life according to health and illness continuum …


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