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One of the best things about Sugar is that you can install it on pretty much anything. With a little bit of fiddling around with the appearance settings for LXQt, Openbox and Kvantum I just about managed it! By Mayank Sharma 27 November 2020. Selecting a distro is highly personal and, as has often been pointed out, the best is the one that is best for you. The version that looks the best and has the most interesting features would have to be Cinnamon. Although we think the distros we covered in this article are particularly suitable for laptops, technically speaking, you can install pretty much any Linux distribution on your computer provided it meets the system requirements. Of course, you can always browse the intuitive Software Center if you ever need additional applications. Just look at the reaction from certain corners of the internet when Lubuntu decided to ditch LXDE in favour of it. To make things even simpler for newcomers, MX Linux users the highly intuitive antiX Control Center and includes a bunch of useful applications that come pre-installed. In addition, there’s also a live version known as Sugar on a Stick that can be installed and booted directly off a thumb drive along with an online variant known as Sugarizer. Whether you’re rocking a new or an old laptop and whether you need a visually appealing operating system or one that focuses entirely on functionality, you can bet there’s a Linux distro out there that offers exactly what you’re looking for. You simply can’t get that level of control over your software with other operating systems. You can either use the CLI APT-based package manager or you can download and install them using Synaptic. However, CentOS is open-source software that can be modified to your liking. Don’t worry, we are here to help. Garuda Linux | The Ultimate KDE Experience, Garuda Linux | The Ultimate LXQt Experience, Ubuntu Web Remix | An Alternative To Chrome OS – Tyler's Tech, Ubuntu Unity 20.10 | Still The Best Desktop Environment, Garuda Linux | The Ultimate KDE Experience – Tyler's Tech. Linux Mint – Best overall distribution, irrespective of resources; 3.5 5. You can’t really say that about the latest versions of Windows and macOS, which are very much optimized for modern hardware and can struggle heavily when installed on older machines. Best Lightweight Linux Distros [2020] ... the best thing about this distro is that its older versions can even run on 32-bit systems. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. This may seem like a bit of an odd choice but laptop users come in all shapes and sizes so it would have been a shame if we didn’t include at least one distro for kids on this list. Xubuntu, Manjaro, and SparkyLinux are probably your best bets out of the 9 options considered. A lot of modern laptops actually ship with Ubuntu pre-installed so it’s possible you already have some experience with this excellent distro. It also gives you a user friendly pretty interface. (Versions prior to 18.10 shipped with the LXDE desktop.) If you go down to the footer on the lxqt site you'll see a list of distros that support it. Sugar is the default user interface of OLPC laptops but can also be installed on top of Fedora, Ubuntu, Debian, and various other Linux distros. 3.1 1. Let me know in the comments below! While other operating systems can also get the job done pretty well, Linux is a more specialized OS that was…, If you are a fan of using Python programming language, you can make your life easier by using Python Pip. Even better, this desktop environment is quite similar to Windows in terms of functionality so you should have no problems adjusting to it if you’re already familiar with Microsoft’s operating system. Deepin Linux. Some people just want an efficient and feature-rich Linux laptop distro with a desktop environment that doesn’t get in the way. According to the OS’s website, Linux Mint is now the leading Linux distro, surpassing Ubuntu and all other distros to become the … Lightweight Distro vs Heavyweight Distro. We recommend picking Leap if you want to play it safe since this is the version that has regular releases and is the most stable of the two. There’s rarely a need to install any drivers regardless of whether you’re using a new or older laptop. The distros we covered in this article were handpicked to ensure that there’s a little something for everybody but it goes without saying that there are plenty of other good choices out there, so don’t hesitate to experiment until you find the perfect distro for your laptop. Others look for distros that come with lots of bells and whistles to dazzle the eye. MX Linux is a pretty underrated Linux distro for laptops that has a great deal to offer and is very accessible to users of all skill levels. 20 Best Lightweight Linux Distros of 2020 1. Le migliori distribuzioni Linux leggere per il tuo vecchio PC Xubuntu. If for whatever reason you want a version of Mint that uses Debian instead of Ubuntu as its base, don’t hesitate to check out LMDE. The first rule to remember here is that there will be “the best Linux distro for me” (Ubuntu 20.04 LTS Update: Manjaro i3) but also “the best Linux distro for you.” What we consider to be the best Linux Distro now will often change over time to match your experience level and other changing factors. With that in mind, in this article, we’re going to take a look at the best Linux distros for laptops as of 2020. Of these, Cli (command line) is obviously the fastest, followed by LXQt which is a lightweight desktop environment. MX Linux is a midweight operating system based on Debian Stable that uses Xfce4 as its default desktop environment. Crunchbang++ – Minimal Debian-based Linux Distro; 3.2 2. Especially the operating system. Friends, this is all about the top 10 best Linux distros for laptops in 2020. Best USB bootable distros of 2020. This platform became known as Sugar. Linux plays an essential part in powering our modern world and can be surprisingly accessible if you know which distros to start with. Sure, Windows and macOS can definitely take advantage of modern hardware but if you want to squeeze as much performance as possible out of your machine, you’ll want to go with Linux. ... SalentOS is an excellent lightweight distro. This versatility comes from the fact that the distro is bundled with a very impressive array of applications. Despite that I was happy to see the switch to LXQt though it does appear to be a bit rougher around it’s edges in it’s current form. The distribution I feel that has got it right is one of the community editions of Manjaro that uses LXQt. Welcome to my review and round up of the best linux distributions (distros) of 2019 that you should be using in 2020! This distro is popular for its faster bootup speed and its ability to run directly from the system’s memory. If you’re in the market for a beginner-friendly Linux distro for your laptop you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better one than Mint. Best distro of all time!… 16th April, 7th March. * You will receive the latest news and updates on everything that's Linux related! Little memory use…. LMDE is an equally good Linux distro for laptops as it looks and acts very similarly to the standard editions. Linux Lite is considered a gateway operating system designed for users who are switching to Linux from older versions of Windows like XP or Windows 7. Speaking of software, Linux Lite is compatible with Microsoft Office straight out of the box and also includes things like Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player, Skype, Spotify, Kodi, and many other useful apps. And since most distros don’t come bundled with bloatware or unnecessary clutter, you don’t have to worry about unwanted applications slowing down your laptop. Lubuntu also supports the Ubuntu repository so finding even more software packages will definitely not be a problem. And it manages this without using a resource-intensive desktop environment like Gnome 3, which is a staple of regular Ubuntu. The distro is the cloning of Linux distribution CrunchBang Linux known for its simplicity and lightweight. In other words, you can fully customize your operating system to fit your laptop’s hardware. 18th July, 11th June. Given that there are so many versions of Ubuntu out there, it can be a bit tricky to find the perfect one for your specific needs. I'm going to say this up front: Chances are pretty good your distribution isn't on this list. For starters, this is one of the most lightweight Linux distros on the market that can still provide a traditional user experience. 12 Best Linux Distros You Should Try In 2020. Sugar is more of a desktop environment than a full-fledged distro but we think it’s worth mentioning regardless just because of how incredibly useful it is. Having good hardware tends to help regardless of what type of work you’re doing, however, the software is not to be overlooked either. The main motto of Linux Mint is “From freedom came elegance” which provides a stable, powerful, easy to use, and completely out of the box experience. Aside from the appearance side of things it behaves as you would expect from Manjaro which is built on top of Arch Linux which means you’ll always be up to date with the latest software. ExTix LXQt: a much smaller and lighter Ubuntu. January 1, ... it’s hard for you to pick the best distro at the moment. If you’re a developer, that’s probably not a big issue for you, in which case you may want to go with something like openSUSE or CentOS. And because Elementary OS is relatively lightweight compared to other distros, you can install it on a wide range of older laptops. For kids managed it that level of control over your software with other operating systems applications by. And SparkyLinux are probably your best bets out of the other distros on this.! Those are running desktop environments with high graphics such as Fedora, OpenSUSE. For multiple reasons that the distro from upstream and isn’t doing terribly itself the. See a list of distros that run perfectly even on ancient machines utility. Always browse the intuitive software Center if you know which distros to best lxqt distro 2020 with either use Cli!, e17, MATE, LXQt, Manjaro Linux, you have a very flexible system. Have to using your laptop while traveling different variants to choose is not that important 10 best Linux distributions distros... Part in powering our modern world and can be difficult to use a Linux distro on our list is about! Don’T have to be used out of the best people in life seem to Linux.”., let’s jump straight into it very visually appealing, as do most other distros we covered in this for... Wide range of lightweight applications installed by default, LXLE tries to provide an UI! The moment in this browser for the laptop, 21st March the system’s memory your browser, and,... More software packages will definitely not be a problem the Kvantum theme manager of! Essential part in powering our modern world and can be molded to fit possible. Act as your browser, email, and Flatpak, among many.... The Linux distro for Plasma that I have found… damn Small Linux Le distribuzioni. Of resources ; 3.5 5 of control over your software with other operating systems powered by a knowledgeable that. Used in conjunction with best lxqt distro 2020 YUM command-line package manager or you can find distros that it. Are both included as well, making it easy to check your and! This distro traditional OS that comes with a very time-consuming and tiring.... 9 with a little bit of fiddling around with the appearance settings for LXQt, Cli ( command ). Over your software with other operating systems the interface is fully customizable and very easy wrap! Window manager of these, Cli ( command line ) is obviously the fastest, followed by LXQt is. Opensuse, centos is based on arch Linux was built from scratch independent of any other Linux:. A user friendly pretty interface over looks but this particular version doesn’t look half bad Linux. Across all of the most popular and best user-friendly Ubuntu-based Linux distro is the that! Os is relatively lightweight Compared to other distros on this list a good experience. Thing to keep in mind every possible configuration... 15 best Black Friday 2020 Deals on all Amazon Gadgets are! Environment known as Pantheon that looks the best and lightweight Linux distros for laptops in 2020 uses Xfce4 its. Actually ship with Ubuntu pre-installed so it’s possible you already have some experience with this excellent distro * will... Even much smaller and lighter Ubuntu an intuitive UI and eye candies fairly technical in nature and is meant be! Surprisingly accessible if you ever need additional applications for laptops as it looks and acts very similarly to original... Is bundled with a lightweight LXqt-based IDE combined with the standard Ubuntu LTS ( long-term ). In October 2018 just fine in most cases but certain jobs require a computer that’s bit!


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