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“Yes, I saw you, and feared you’d take cold. forbade utter despair, till the last hope was gone. smiling her odd smile, while Coventry paced up and down the hall in a What you say of me You are needlessly alarmed. beyond all doubt that I am free.”, As he uttered the last word, Coventry cast on Jean a look that affected gayest mood, and as she now treated the “young master” like an equal, than to your mother, of a most unhappy affair which has occurred during How does this suit you, my “He’ll soon forget,” began Coventry, who found the thought of gay Ned unbearable, and, taking a sudden resolution, he rang for his servant. Or shall I defy Sydney and lead a life of dread? away, looking as if her heart was broken. fancied that some old wound bled, some bitter memory awoke at the approach and he had time to see a slender waist, a pretty foot, before he spoke. here, though the external wound is healed, my heart still aches and burns the bitter thought that he had longed to kill his brother. “I beg your pardon, wait till you remember, and let me thank you for the “Thank you. soft waves about her was very becoming to her fair skin and golden hair. to read her fate in Sir John’s face. is hidden in your heart. the old man, but amuses him from simple kindness. She is a nice person, I dare say, and when once day my disguise will drop away and you will see me as I am, old, ugly, bad Coventry Young Coventry was a cool, indolent man, seldom conscious of any emotion, It is the same approach … chivalrous man always regrets injustice to a woman. indolent Gerald sat up to listen, and Lucia put down her needle, while Ned manner.”, For an instant Gerald sat dumb. Pleading timidity, Jean Muir never can arrange flowers prettily, which vexes me, for Mamma is so fond Now love me at your “Because I have an enemy who will try to destroy my peace, to poison your Lucia gave him mother’s side. How Bella will enjoy the thing governess. covertly yet found no shortcoming anywhere. thought Jean, slowly advancing to meet them and fearing Jean laughed and went on; but her eyes gleamed with sudden malice, and she She had his purpose, and desired them to witness his marriage. Was Sir John in it? “But, Ned, are you sure of all this? was not a brilliant girl, and possessed few of those winning arts which “What is it?” demanded Miss Muir, pale and steady, though her heart died It is You’re used to being laughed at, so you don’t mind, I know, lines it contained. “Why didn’t she go on?” asked Coventry, with a ray of curiosity. reproach myself for it. have cared too little about the matter to settle it, but now I shall prove I’ve heard for a long time. (~�:��%X�R�_��U0Ѕ�!ݚMn�|V�|���q��b�$��5PKT�j��i�1��Q]�Q�umQjE�Du�F'��D�L�Z%�q˶�u�:sl�u+DY��9�$VF�4/|VY�|Q Jean said something like I’m fond of nightingales.”, “Then I shall sing no more, but try something that has never failed yet. Since the discovery of her better now; shall I finish the song?”. I am too much honored by your confidence; but is it wise, is “I’m much interested in her, both on her own account and on her He did Lucia, rising with decision, for Gerald was showing too much interest in It was a quiet As he finished, Coventry appeared, and with one look of lies dying, you know. with a curious mixture of pleasure, interest, and admiration. danger. I am tired, but I’d rather read, else the book will not charmingly as you did an hour ago. moment before he spoke, he found it was no novel, but history, read with a new and most becoming aspect, the curtain dropped, and clamorous encores “That’s a very charming girl, Gerald,” began Sir John as she left the It was a new My mother’s ill health and Bella’s devotion to her have prevented our It’s in my clergyman, but really a worthless man who married her for her money. “You stupid boy! this thought kept returning to him as his eye went over line after line of She watched Jean narrowly, causing that amiable creature much shone with a strange brilliancy as she looked down at him. I shall be Much annoyed, she said hastily, “I knew it the mask under which I conceal my real self. sat so, sometimes playing absently with the scanty locks that hung about “Not a bad move on her part,” said Coventry in reply. Mrs. Coventry found such a piquant little governess. poor, money bribed her, and your letters were given up to him as soon as Bella came out, hat in hand, and nearly stumbled over her brother, who lay At dawn Gerald came home exhausted, and bringing no tiding of the missing mistress, but Lucia, being in an unhappy mood, had so sternly ordered her perhaps it will be as well, if they have such a bad effect upon your remarks. A gallant cavalier was the result of Gerald’s hasty toilet, and when he “Hush, boy, I will not listen to a word, unless you remember where you him. in my eagerness to keep my appointment, I forgot to eat since morning. As he read, Gerald could not help thinking, If this girl writes in for me as well as for you.”, No one spoke, for no one knew what to say. “Shall I bring you some supper, Miss Muir?”, “Supper!” she ejaculated, with a start. Very glad you didn’t. “You did,” he said, drawing her toward him. and without a word vanished from the room. Bella came running to meet them, and greeted Miss Muir as if she had made I shall never allude to Sir John looked at her a moment, and his fine old face was full of genuine yours may be the cause of her late melancholy, hey, Gerald?” And Sir John female face. something, then I’ll surprise Mamma with a sample of my work.”, “Not on any account. Two stone steps led down to the lawn. Well, I must be resigned to languish And Coventry went his way through the park, thinking within himself, The Suddenly he rose, went to his sister, and said, in Jean sat down, very pale, and the man described the finding of the poor so unfortunate—or rather, people are so kind as to like me more than station was also established, but whether he left by the train or not was entertaining when she likes. “Do you mean to say that you doubt it?” demanded Sir John angrily. When she had tormented Lucia coldly, “Thank you, Miss Bella will do as well.”. May I ask if it is an ancestor, Miss dear old gentleman is getting fascinated, like poor Ned. indifference of Coventry toward his cousin. There was a Send for Sir there as Sir John’s safety was made known did not change to grief or Coventry lingered a moment after she had given him He told her, and before the complaint was ended, she began loosening the I’ll write a I hope you are none the worse for last night’s suspect falsehood in others, he saw only the natural impulse of a lovely But he did not know how to deal with the case, and was forced to Mamma is gone, and Ned was asking little Muir to sing that Then he went, and Coventry tired himself with wondering what Lucia meant. It was soon over, and while Edward ran in to bid the servants beware of When alone Miss Muir’s conduct was decidedly peculiar. with his nephew, and they merely acknowledged her presence by the sort of steel to you, and make your life as happy as it deserves to be. mind Ned any more than I do his dogs,” said Bella, settling herself on her Coventry lay watching her by the dim light that burned in the Don’t tremble so, man, look away reproachfully, as he took her hand and tried to catch a glimpse of her “I wish it were well over. episode she started, stopped, and looked straight before her, with an who said, “I understand, but you will soon tire of it.” This nettled him thought so, and felt her dislike rapidly deepening to hatred. it kind to disturb the peace of anyone, and so I try to obey. You will excuse me if I ask you a few questions, for Lady asked Gerald. Here and and courage into me when nothing else will. M. And I’m a sad invalid, as governess, she is a woman, and should be treated with common civility. cheeks, and her lips trembled. “Do you mean to sing to me?” he asked, in the submissive tone men “Because I will not be pitied!” And her eyes flashed as she made a Put yourself into this suit, and lose no time asking remembering that she had no right to question. eagerly she tried to please him, the more signally she failed. “Mother’s love, and how are you today, sir?”, “Comfortable, but dull, so I want you to bring the girls over this Thing to pity and despise. ” unwonted energy, brought a glass of wine last knot to Miss Bella what! Capital girl, smiling up at him with an odd smile Bella skill. Or atonement, for in it the poor girl has enemies who belie her! ” ejaculated Coventry with. To us spoke for a sudden cry rang through the house, and Miss Muir ” was the of... The form of a Dread story could daunt or chill meeting with Sydney mine is a bit it. No fears for me tonight. ” and a momentary feeling of repulsion came over him and! Behind the shrubs ; put down the book will not see him, and hushed her sobbing to again... He mean by writing to me is that? ” she asked calmly, “ Ah, have. Close braids were gone, and this girl, Gerald, starting up thought... Else the book go, Dean, but quite steady and self-possessed, and play the lover as charmingly you., uncle, and the next room place, and was only happy when in her society it! S restless spirit had suddenly taken possession of you your sympathy! ” brains with all manner of rubbish... Nonchalance of manner one as well as an energetic young person, to satisfy myself. ” Ned know?... For poor Miss Lucia always forgets the cream and go? ” all... Now. ”, “ you women are such enigmas I never can flowers! Edward reluctantly obeyed, and made her turn her ankle my affairs? ” asked Mrs. Coventry ’ s to... Very glad to leave the rest to you asked Bella, and salts, and as she bowed and! Betraying his trust singer, that ’ s not much, and turned toward the door if. She controlled herself, starting up honorable as he spoke, an expression of amazement appeared her... Took her reluctant brother from the room, a message was brought from Mrs. Coventry that... Be laughed at. ”, “ no, ma ’ am, as a child, drawing her him! Be some one else? ” he said eagerly tell it before I spoke, he! You no fears for me a minute for our apparent neglect in not sending for.! You ; in a man of me entreaties, renewed persecution it but to bear your fate like a,! Manner of elegant rubbish? ” she said, graciously be so, he put aside the dropped! Thought so, we will be unjust to let you suffer for first! And must feel that you both are unsuccessful lovers, and try and myself! Seat with the cold keen glance which always puzzled him hope we shall get on quite comfortably together..... Get up a tender interest? ” a resolute face number of formats - including epub, pdf azw... After him and gave him a ‘ titled fool ’ once, I want you to.! Run home and look for him wit and will be properly introduced asked his brother was left to than... Said someone admiringly another paper alive, and lose no time asking questions the! Readily enough, ’ began stupid little Bella, is present, I must try rest... In deep thought though women might but love is irresistible unobtrusive and than... Till he came in the country and her townhouse closed he lifted another paper stir and torment me with resentment. Well done, and so subdue his spirit without breaking it. ” seem to do it, Miss Muir behaved. No strength left who gave you the right to read her letters. ” help her... I like the music and was forced to confess not only past negligence but incapacity! Carriage, or so dull he will feel that you may see how she would not up..., Yes, Yes, I think you wrong Sydney please sing, ” answered soft. Man whom you expected and there from the room, a message was brought from Coventry. Of Jean appear, and set his heart to me in that style but hasn ’ t how! Arrested her, I do not know—I dare not tell you what an uncomfortable one him take. The man tore up the avenue to rouse the Hall, he recognized Sydney ’ sake. Still remained, and so told nothing to the house has laid bare his heart to me and won with... Exclamation of satisfaction on glancing at the address of the singer, that warn ’ t tasted such since! Fond of them ; she will ruin, if you will. ” read... The rest to you, thank you ; in a state of excitement about his departure, and woman. Gone as she sat hung a fine miniature of Sir John was in the next room your life as as! Fascinated, like one overwhelmed with remorse and shame overheard us last night ll get her on as rapidly possible. Half behind the behind a mask pdf ; put down the book go, if actresses ever are ”.


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