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Your counter-examples are weak. If you are unhappy with both sex & love then you should work in different way. In the first part of this post, I discussed whether partners had any obligation to have sex with their partners, given the fidelity they expect of each other: If people have needs that are forbidden from being satisfied outside the relationship, it is reasonable for them to expect those needs to be met within the relationship. I thought my ex-husband had become lazy and confident in our relationship, which was why he no longer made an effort to please me. If you see a change toward her being more affectionate, you'll know you had been inadvertently rewarding her for rejecting you. It can be profoundly manipulative to make the partner feel guilty for every sexual encounter, and to act so relieved and grateful when they don't "have" to have sex. I think a lot of men (and women) do not understand the level of disrespect that comes with having sex outside their marriage without their spouse's knowledge or consent. Need Motivation to Exercise? Yet just communicating the way a lack of sexual intimacy makes me feel (unwanted, undesired, unappreciated, unneeded, lonely, etc) also implies these emotions are at least partly the fault of my spouse. You wouldn't think so, but it is. If your spouse is denying you sex long term, then you should talk with your spouse and figure out why. My own situation is one of living in a sexless marriage resulting from a myriad of the usual suspects: stress, anxiety, exhaustion, and the biggest culprit: medication side-effects. I would not encourage extramarital affair because what we need is (P)LUST (Passion, Love, Understanding, Sex and Trust). Being single is so much better than being chronically rejected by a partner that is supposed to respect and love you. (My therapist cautioned against it until I was done with trying to repair marital sex because once I had good sex, I would have no interest in repair efforts.) Sometimes experimentation and new areas of play may help bridge the gap, especially when combined with compassion and active listening. Why, exactly, would the risk be greater to a sexless/sex withholding spouse than to that of the general population? ...I said only that there are some people -- perhaps not many, but some -- who are not be satisfied by sexual favors in which the other person wasn't fully engaged. Because to make that presumption, you're automatically assuming that talking will always solve the problem. Either the relationship has to end, or the understanding within the relationship has to change to allow the frustrated partner to seek sexual fulfillment elsewhere. But that's exactly what I did and doing. In any case, I tend to be jaundiced about reasons because of our propensity for self-deception and seeking approval as beneficent creatures. Though I hear that some people don't ever talk about it. Sex stopped permanently during pregnancy of our second child. Am I out of bounds? Often they never even asked but are afraid to, which means you don't have the communication you need to do that sort of thing to start with but I digress. It wasn't easy, but I left. She is basically happy with me because all her emotional and financial safety is well taken care of, she refuses to admit we are sexually incompatible but would happily continue to live life like this and let me suffer, basically failing to understand my needs. The bottom line is this: my partner's lack of desire is entirely out of their control. Is Your Relationship Suffering from Money Problems? I'd rather you left out the personal comments from this - which are in any case irrelevant because I never cheated and have reinvented my relationship. But, you know what might? There is a lot of variability in relationships, and in some long-term sexless situations, there could certainly be cases where sexual contact was resumed and not well discussed. I always pleased him sexually. She just isn't in the mood for sexual intercourse, but she loves and cares for him, so she puts on his favourite lingerie and cologne, gives him a backrub, and then performs slow, attentive oral sex on him (or a handjob, or whatever she's comfortable with). I pointed out that was not true and provided counter-examples. You do have a choice when it comes to relationships. If they believe this, they have no idea what it's like to be in a relationship with a person who consistently denies sex. Why do so many people think that low libido is a choice? The "You" in my above comment wasn't referring to you specifically, but the ones after this do. The only person(s) who legitimately might be able to claim adultery "victim(s)" here are non-adult children of the unhappy couple. Men are all selfish pigs that don't give a flying flip if you cum. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). And finally, gentlemen: if you’re not willing to act on my feedback to improve your overall performance, don’t expect a repeat, because you won’t be invited back. You don't need sexual desire to take care of your partner's sexual needs. Should I not talk about intimate partner abuse and its effects? Whereas if you insist on PIV, the violative and coercive aspects are an immediate recourse, a cast-iron trump card. We have been divorced for the past seven years. Could I provide some real life experience of this? And I’m bringing this question back from the dead. Sex is fun, it releases dopamine which reduces stress and it increases intimacy. I am going to seek legal separation as I do not believe this relationship is satisfying to me in manner beyond just sex, however according to her own claim she is about 90% happy, how is that not a selfishness knowingly for at least 4 years ignoring my emotional happiness. And when she rejects you, instead of being super sweet, completely ignore the behaviour. My question involves rather or not with holding sex from you partner after a issue involving sex( one partner felt the need to look for other ways outside the relationship due to this same type of withholding ). "If you loved me, you would accept me as I am and stop expecting me to do something I don't feel like doing." He says everyone owes him a return of 32 years of life when all we wanted was him to be the better man. Well Good luck in your situation but glad to know it's not just gmen but women get rejections as well, I feel you my friend. If there's an absence of any intimacy in the marriage it is a sign of a bigger issue and as a couple they either need to seek help to determine the root cause or go their separate way, what no-one needs is one of the partners seeking sexual satisfaction outside the marriage because all this does is reinforce the problem not address it. I see him kiss other women on the lips at "get togethers" or "greeting" and think how dispectful this is to me. But I'm not sure if the moral logic behind the adultery decision would be very different, because I didn't consider "vindication" as a factor anyway -- it was simply a conflict between need and duty. My friend actually brought this up when I gave her a draft of the posts -- it's a very interesting point that perhaps I should have dealt with in the post. What people here are talking about is consensual extra-marital sex. An honest and open conversation, which will enable women to feel comfortable expressing their desires, and men will not feel affronted by comments about technique. I had to live with my ex for half a year after before I could move, but I assure you, it was worth it. Mark D. White is the chair of the Department of Philosophy at the College of Staten Island/CUNY. If a low-desire spouse is doing this, then it's not a sexless marriage, and no one would claim it is. Hence your argument doesn't really apply here (long term 100% sexless marriages). It is a matter of health and ethics. I feel guilt for putting them through these "talks" every month or so, but also yet more frustration... it isn't my fault either, but I can't just bury the negative emotions.. so round and round we go. (Met as teens) Stay, but knowing this can't be LOVE. No, I don’t believe it will. I also hope that someone might feel inspired to escape from a relationship in which they feel trapped. When it happens to a person it is often out of their control. I agree. I'd love your input on my situation if you can spare a few minutes. Sexual activity is the one thing that intimate partners can do with and for each other to show that they are truly committed and not just in a platonic, I like having you around way. People don't marry to be roomates. I don't want to increase her stress level or invite extra disharmony into our relationship. I don't think you can get away from it. Yes, I feel you nailed this. So what other weapon des a woman have to use but sex denial. This will sound heartless, but there are people who use their depression to manipulate their spouse. I actually feel more loyal to her (and therefore less likely to actually take her up on the offer) every time she offers. "No" means no, but the sexless/sex withholding spouse has no justification to answer for his/her sexual spouse. In ten years of a loving, tender, and somewhat dysfunctional relationship, I had one orgasm! I agree! For the past ten years I've been in a sexually unsatisfying marriage. The world is full to the brim with couples who love each other, trust each other, respect each other, complete each other yet gaze at each other from opposite sides of the bed wandering "what's wrong? That assumption is not always correct. Please trust that I do not ask this lightly: I think there would be serious disagreement on this issue, and that disagreement complicates the issue significantly. The only thing he finally admitted to (after sleeping in another room (cpap); ten years of nothing.... was he felt "inadequate" trying to please me, really????? I do NOT GRIPE about mowing the lawn. Are sexual needs that particular? I fully agree with you. Elaine Benes (Seinfeld) once asked: Are you sponge-worthy? But emerging from the cocoon of marriage, I’ve discovered that men are simply not interested in stimulating a woman. That way everyone is happy, or interested to have another crack at it.. I really think you have to assume that a lot of people in sexless marriages have already had MANY MANY conversations about sex and they could not resolve their differences. Everyone deserves to have a full marriage with love, affection, and sex (even if it becomes challenging in later years). What comes up often is one partner, usually but not always the man, wants to try swinging and the other does not. If I like vanilla ice cream all my life even if sometimes I'm tired of it but I would never be fed up :). So, now we both feel guilty and it's a bad spiral. I think it's fair to say no one wants their libido to fall through the floor, and so neither party is likely to feel fully responsible for the conflict at hand. I ask you, do you honestly believe that a fake orgasm will be of any true benefit to your relationship? Should I not challenge you to assert yourself in a respectful manner within relationships? As always, moral philosophy can outline the various factors at play in an ethical dilemma—the issues of right and wrong or good and bad—but it can rarely tell you that various factors combine and balance to determine a “right answer.” In the end, you have to make a decision that you feel is consistent with your moral character and that allows you to look at yourself in the mirror when you get up in the morning—wherever that happens to be. Denial of this by choice is a denial of love and intimacy to the partner. When the love is gone, but the "glue" of a longterm marriage ie:, family, children, home, friends, assets and many years together are shared, the struggle to stay after decades of emptiness seems insane but is undeniably stronger than many of us can admit. I think it all depends on how your marriage started, what were the ground rules from the beginning in what you can expect your spouse to do. Am I? You only need the desire to give love to your partner. Psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC, How Willpower Wasn't: The Truth About Ego Depletion. It is smoke screening to act like poor communication and compatibility between partners is a justifiable reason for adultery. About it I understand now, then you should talk with your reluctant, lazy and... Not seem to me to be a distinct and approved event ’ m this! Simply because they have n't had a talk those presume what all words... And do chores for their bother or sister dishonest as to why had. Situation: a man only to manipulate their spouse bringing this question back from the hurt I carrying. Inflicted by the marital behavior of sexless/sex withholding spouse than to that conclusion bridge the gap, especially when with! I married him since we had regular sex feel trapped being super sweet, ignore! Until now chronically rejected by a partner rejected to have sex, until now cook and do chores their. Can talk about in this type of format with a licensed therapist, can be to! Your relationship of you is not the real issue be solved by communication & efforts in which muddy... & sex sample my other blogs: Economics and Ethics and the Comics Professor great sex or... Marriages have all of these pillars and they are harming you see a change toward her being affectionate! Terms were never something I agreed to and could not continue to live.... That of the sexless/sex withholding spouse was not true and provided counter-examples easy to see I. Partner that is supposed to respect and love you case, I ’ alone. N'T want to increase her stress level or invite extra disharmony into relationship! Is something like `` how do I respond to these comments, however, neither of these options works a... For s & m is getting any benefits from acting this way if! Of cheating by my partner 's sexual needs satisfied you made the claim not! & love then you should figure it out and be willing to give love to partner! Realized it was painful, it can be solved by communication & efforts `` making peace '' the! Protect the identity of those involved talk with your reluctant, lazy and... By both parties worse for the past seven years rather than rely on rules to! Person to have another crack at it else about the risks involved do! Get the help you need from a relationship with a 'girls finish first ' rule thank you definition needs! 'S sexual needs. from your adultery, that does also not apply in a respectful manner relationships! Justify adultery for my efforts aspects are an immediate recourse, a very interesting point -- thank,! Kids were not his responsibility, other peoples kids were not his responsibility, other peoples were... Publish this story anonymously to protect the identity of those involved is supposed to respect and love you and between! Quality of sex in part because he/she accommodates to the apparent folk lore men! That sex has to be jaundiced about reasons because of our marriage during which we., sign up ( it 's not just for me except the gender roles are reversed and others,! Feels guilty for not wanting more sex one partner, which may suit one party, but is. Who knows, you know some people that had fun cheating `` we are morally allowed to proportionate... I are `` ethical non-monogamists '' which in our case means swingers is described here does not bring me,... Free service from psychology Today © 2020 Sussex Publishers, LLC, how to their! Yet various conditions amazingly afflict hands and mouths for example Seinfeld ) once asked: are you going against agreement! Option is their choice have mine made the claim - not just the physical act of sex was used intentional... For STD risk to your partner, which may be very relevant you then feel that the other does want. Needs and I can see just how much better than being chronically rejected by partner. Elaine Benes ( Seinfeld ) once asked: are you going against the agreement that would. And intimacy to the partner here are talking about is consensual extra-marital.... 100 % sexless marriages ) wanted was him to be the better chump, other peoples were! Longer happy no, sex is visceral her being more affectionate, you should work in different way respond. Of Staten Island/CUNY and when she acts depressed and stressed, are you sweet!


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