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Highly concurrent -> Scale app server and scale workers, Responsive UI -> using react JS and Bootstrap, Support payment > Third party payment gateway to support all type of payments, support movies suggestions when login > We are using Hadoop and spark streaming with ML to get Recommendation engine, Movie information, trailers, and galleries >, We need ACID and relationship representation, We have tons of data like movies information, actors, crew, comments and reviews, Customer Will check Application with Location, Filters, Sorting, Categories, etc. Don’t need to add them to two tables. Now the ticket is booked temporarily to the user trying to book so every other app/ theater / other aggregators will see that seat as booked, and no one is allowed to book until next 15 minutes except the current user. A basic ticket booking system will work as below: A user will go to that ticket booking website and book a ticket. Whereas Frontend is Single page app / Android iOS Apps. ( movieId INTEGER This powerful cinema ticket booking system can be deployed on any website offering tickets for movies, theater, and other scheduled performances. conn is the mysql connection variable. row is for getting the current row of the database. It makes a call to the theater DB to block the Seats. Now there can be two or more users trying to book the same tickets!! If you want to watch instead of reading, I have made a video as well, Mainly there are two components to the system. name varchar(100) Online movie ticket booking system; Online movie ticket booking system project features and function requirement. Is it neccessary to defined those id as auto-increment?For composite PK only one column can be defined as auto-increment,which is better? Master Master to avoid single point failure single point failure. id int(4) primary key auto-increment Here some Java project ideas for research paper. show_id int(4) foreign key, Table:Show Have you ever considered what the database design behind their reservation system looks like? Use PDF export for high quality prints and SVG export for large sharp images or embed your diagrams anywhere with the Creately viewer. Payment API: Popular ones are Paypal, Stripe, Square, How to Build QR Code Scanner App in Swift, Using MongoDB Change Streams for Indexing with Elasticsearch vs Rockset, I Wrote a Web Script That Finally Got Rid of My Duplicate Scrobbles, Pragmatic Designs: Argument Passing in Airflow’s Operator Inheritance. Grate and many Java project ideas and topics. Here are the techniques that load balancers use: Varnish for frontend caching: API and Pages — BMS uses Cloudflare. movieId int(4) foreign key. , showDateTime DATETIME ), Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled. Now the first question is how BMS talks to Theater? reservedTime time (screeening time of movie) reservedDate date (screenning date of movie) request for available seats using Theater’s API and book using APIs. Movie Booking. C#, ASP.Net and MySQL Project on Online Movie Ticket Booking System This project Online Movie Ticket Booking System has been developed in C#, ASP.Net and MySQL. , FOREIGN KEY ( movieID ) REFERENCES Movies ( id ) CREATE TABLE Show Your AWS Lambda Function Failed, What Now? Now the first question is how BMS talks to Theater? Class db_response. If your design involves tons of requests or IO blocking calls, then it is advised to use async in python or go coroutines in go or Erlangs lightweight threads to get better performance. id int(4) primary key auto-increment


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