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Plus this thing is lightweight and easy to mount. Against costlier APOs this thing gives up very, very little optically, out of focus star test, while in focus images are much better than I was expecting. North of Tycho appearing brightly in a basin is the famous Rupes Recta (the Straight Wall), an 800 foot mountain that is a “must see” for amateur astronomers. Internal light baffles: Contrast-enhancing internal light baffles in the tube and focuser drawtube and a specially darkened tube interior provide dark sky backgrounds and high terrestrial contrast. Precision 2″ Crayford-style Focuser is Standard. This OTA is amazing for what it is. EvoStars are also supplied with right-angle 8x50mm viewfinder with bracket; 2” dielectric diagonal; two 1.25” LE (Long Eye relief) eyepieces (LET20mm and LET5mm); 1.25” focuser adaptor; and tube ring attachment hardware that works with compatible mounts. The ED element is precision-polished from high grade ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass. Compact globular star clusters lend themselves well to a refractor. Your SW 120ED will show it clearly and sharply the way you want to see it. Named after the famous Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe, it is a spectacular sight with very high-rimmed walls. This 'scope is seeing much use at public outreach programs - it's easy to transport and set up. Sky Watcher EvoStar 120 APO Doublet Refractor – Compact and Portable Optical Tube for Affordable Astrophotography and Visual Astronomy, White/Black (S11130) Visit the Sky Watcher Store. 680 24th Avenue SW Norman, OK, 73069, USA © 2020 The front and back cells are cast-aluminum painted white or black. The Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED uses a crown glass element, an ED glass element, and state-of-the-art optical multicoatings in its apochromatic ED doublet optics. I figured I would be replacing the focuser from the get go but the thing arrived tuned just perfect and I've been using the Ethos in it and not the first hint of a problem. Sky-Watcher offers one of the most extensive lines of ED-APOCHROMATIC refractors in the world. I have the FF but have never used it. 3 pound optical tube measures 37.8" long, including the dew shield. Light, nice optics, easy to move about while mounted, what's not to like. The gas giant Jupiter displays its swirling equatorial bands in high-definition with festoons and tonality within the bands. The optical tube material is aluminum, powder-coated reflective gloss black with gold fleck accent. The Sky-Watcher APO optical tubes come with attachment hardware that allows them to be securely fastened to compatible mounts. My only complaint is with the focuser in that I found it to be difficult to get and maintain a precise focus. The 1.25" accessory adapter can also be inserted directly into the 2" accessory holder on the focuser drawtube to let you use a 1.25" image erecting diagonal, or 1.25" photographic accessories. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Excellent optics for a doublet at this focal ratio. A slip-on metal dust cap is standard. I use the LXD75 goto mount with mine and the setup is sturdy with no shaking. It is located south of Tycho. We know the amateur astronomer has very high expectations regarding astronomical equipment purchases. Observing with the Sky-Watcher EvoStar 120ED APO Refractor. This Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED apochromatic refractor has: • 120mm f/7.5 apochromatic doublet optics using an ED element. Buy now & save $644. Sky-Watcher APO refractors utilize the finest extra-low dispersion (ED) glass available, FPL-53. I have a 150 mm refractor that I call my Yard Cannon, I call this one my Yard Bazooka, much more manageable moving in and out of the house and the images, while smaller than the 150 are sharper with better contrast - making details really stand out! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Sky-Watcher high-performance ED-APO refractors offer premium optical performance for the discriminating amateur astronomer. Accessories that come with it is are pretty goodm especially eyepieces (actually great for beginners), the 2" diagonal is ok tough I have and use better, and the case is fine for storage but I wouldn't recommend it for travel and use in the field (thin walls easily prone to dents and breaking). The result is images that are essentially free of the annoying halo of unfocused violet light (chromatic aberration) that often mars the view of bright stars and solar system objects. The right knob also has a smaller concentric knob with 10:1 reduction gear microfine focusing. It is lightweight, produces virtually no CA views even on bright objects like Venus, and one doesn't need a really beefy and bulky mount for it. To the southeast, the famous crater Theophilus is 65 miles across. Virtually Eliminates Residual Chromatic Aberration. Please select all the ways you would like to hear from Sky-Watcher: You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. Two-year warranty: The Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED doublet apo is protected by a two-year limited warranty against flaws in materials and workmanship. Sky-Watcher ED-APO refractors provide the finest images obtainable – bar none – in their design class. Nice Airy disks and concentric diffraction rings inside and outside of focus. Everything good you've read about these is true. The focuser on mine I silky smooth, no issues whatsoever even with a 2" diagonal with a 2" eyepiece. | The proprietary Sky-Watcher “Metallic High-Transmission Coatings” (MHC) are the finest photon anti-rejection coatings in their class. Even after the price increase I would still consider this one if you want APO Quality images with great contrast. Nearby are Alphonsus, a 70 mile wide crater, and Ptolemaus a prominent ancient crater 90 miles across with a heavily worn dark interior. Dual speed 2" Crayford focuser: The precision-made no-backlash focuser has dual-speed focusing. Algol, an eclipsing variable star, sometimes called the “winking eye” fluctuates in brightness and is a suitable subject for the SW 120ED. Considering its surprisingly low price for an apochromatic doublet, adding in the extra features you get at no extra cost, and in view of the great optical performance that comes as standard equipment, the 120mm Sky-Watcher Evostar 120ED is a terrific buy! The Sky-Watcher ED-APO design assures virtual elimination of residual “false color” (i.e. Supplied eyepieces: Two 1.25" long eye relief eyepieces are supplied as standard equipment - a 20mm (45x) and a 5mm (180x).


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