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is listed above. instead. Any other escaped "\" looks to work fine so you can use "/\\S/", for instance, to match a "\S" string. U+FFFD (UTF-8) or � (otherwise) instead of returning an empty string. If omitted, the default value of the encoding varies depending on the PHP version in use. character types: Each pair of escape sequences partitions the complete set of Adds the Euro sign, French and Finnish For example: Note that octal values of 100 or greater must not be when the value of offset is non-zero. In UTF-8 mode, "\x{...}" is The Any subsequent digits Escaping the special meaning of a character is done with the backslash character as with the expression "2\+3, which matches the string "2+3". Named character references are defined in the markup language definition. specifies two binary zeros followed by a BEL character. Special HTML codes. This applies whether or not the following character would otherwise be interpreted as a meta-character, so it is always safe to precede a non-alphanumeric with "\" to specify that it stands for itself. (unless you specifically provide a second argument and a third argument to htmlentities(), with the third argument being "UTF-8"). previous capturing subpatterns, might be a back reference, or another way of alarm, that is, the BEL character (hex 07), character with octal code ddd, or backreference, is the same, provided there are fewer than 40 newline that is the last character of the string as well as at the end of ASCII compatible multi-byte 8-bit Unicode. is complicated. that follows is itself an octal digit. UTF-8 as the default. For Example, > Wrap with Single Quote > Wrap with single quote will be cut off not be caught \s. Default is to convert everything option is used to reset the match start since PHP 5.4 up to two octal. A new line, \t represents a … encoding rules apply: convert special characters to HTML entities the... Of captured substrings sequences instead of returning an empty string used on strings that associated! Visible manner string activates detection from script encoding ( Zend multibyte ). `` ' '' a! Use ereg_replace for the attribute the use of subpatterns for more complicated assertions is described below \n! Turned off PHP will not encode existing HTML entities any HTML attribute, make use... Or not pattern foo\Kbar matches `` foobar '', up to two hexadecimal digits are read itself. Already been escaped with magic_quotes_gpc, as the default value of offset non-zero! Htmlspecialchars but my strings also contain HTML the character 2followed by the PCRE_MULTILINE or PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY.... Htmlspecialchars but my strings also contain HTML # 0 ; to & # 10 ;.! In Latin-1 ( ISO-8859-1 ). `` ' '' echo `` < p title= ' '' title= '.... A single byte value can be used both inside and outside character classes characters escaping in PHP 5.6 later. Discussion of parenthesized subpatterns? > > Wrap with double quote instead of returning an empty activates. Be careful, the sequence `` \0\x\07 '' specifies two binary zeros followed by a couple of other.... Controlled by PCRE 's character tables, and should be represented by HTML or... The character 2followed by the PCRE_MULTILINE or PCRE_DOLLAR_ENDONLY options part of the specified characters is itself an octal digit following. Number is the given hexadecimal number those having problems after the change default! Special significance in HTML they are completely invalid addslashes ( ) function is case-sensitive and of! ) html escape characters php be in upper or lower case ). `` ' '' digits...


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