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Pediatric doctors must become recertified every 10 years. You then match in a general surgery residency, which is another 5 years. A: To become a pediatric surgeon, you need to follow the same educational path as other medical doctors. Earn a bachelor’s degree in the sciences, then attend medical school. After that, you can take the boards to become board certified in pediatric general surgery. Most candidates would thus spend 10 to 12 years full-time work after qualifying as a doctor before completing their training in surgery and becoming eligible for appointment to a … Pediatric surgeons … If you're interested in becoming a pediatric surgeon, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. They then pursue fellowship training in pediatric surgery and become board certified from the American Board of Pediatrics. You then complete an additional year in pediatric surgery fellowship. A North Carolina hospital was looking for a pediatric surgeon to join the 6-person pediatric surgery … Once you have completed your degrees, complete a five-year surgery residency program followed by a two-year pediatric surgery residency. Med school is 4 years. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 5.6% of pediatric surgeons … A California women and children's hospital network needed a pediatric surgeon to join a team of 25 pediatric surgeons trained in specialties like high risk infant care or spine surgery. We've determined that 33.3% of pediatric surgeons have a bachelor's degree. All surgeons must also be licensed in the state they intend to practice. All pediatric surgeons need to be certified by the American Board of Surgery …


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